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Origin :Honduras Las Virginias #2

Process : Washed

Varietal : Geisha

Tasting Notes : Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Green Grapes


Roasting Level : ●●○○○

Acidity                 : ●●●●○

Sweetness.        : ●●●●○

Body                     : ●●●○○



Dolmin Josue is the owner of Finca Las Virginias, which is located at 1650 m.a.s.l., in the village of El Cedral, Municipality of Las Vegas, department of Santa Bárbara. It generates employment for 5 people who collaborate permanently and during crop season he hires another 5 people as temporarily coffee harvesters. He currently grows varieties with a good cup profile, such as pacas and geisha. For Dolmin it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the farm and keep the shade regulated. Use “guamo” trees for this purpose. He regularly practices the fertilization of his farm, to ensure optimum production. Due to the quality of its coffee, he achieved to have an international buyer, he is committed to continue working hard to preserve is good practices. "I consider that the Cup of Excellence program is a window for the success of our coffee and probably the whole country, it means a lot and we do it with the idea of ​​adding value to our product". He is very happy he ran into second position as he has competed many times before and he is determined to obtain first place in the near future.



Honduras COE#2 Las Virginias Geisha Washed

100 公克
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