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Origin :Colombia Las Flores

Process : Anaerobic Natural

Varietal : Chiroso

Tasting Notes : Strawberry, Mango, Passion fruit, Yogurt


Roasting Level : ●●●○○

Acidity                 : ●●●○○

Sweetness.        : ●●●●○

Body                     : ●●●○○



Multi-award-winning globally, this coffee was used to claim the win at the 2023 Australian National Brewers Cup Title.

"Chiroso", a spanish-influenced name, is a mutation of Ethiopian Landrace.  

Colombia Las Flores coffee is produced with care, ensuring optimal maturity for processing. Cherries are put in beds for 48 hours of oxidation, then submerged in water and heated from 15°C to 50°C for 48 hours of anaerobic fermentation. The drying process starts with a fast phase to enhance flavours, followed by a slower phase to protect the physical integrity of the seed. Drying uses both mechanical and solar methods, lasting 24 hours and 2 weeks respectively.

Colombia Las Flores Chiroso Anaerobic Natural

100 公克
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