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Origin :Colombia La Palma & El Tucan

Process : Anaerobic Natural

Varietal : Java

Tasting Notes : Cherry, Raspberry, Pear


Roasting Level : ●●○○○

Acidity                 : ●●●○○

Sweetness.        : ●●●●○

Body                     :●●●○○



Finca La Palma y El Tucan was at its feet for its innovative processing methods, one of them being bio-innovation processing.

Bio-innovation processing experiments with micro-organisms through optimising the nutrients they need and let them impart unique microbiological structures into coffee fermentation, resulting in the sparkly, extremely fruity and milky body of the coffee, in the most natural, lively, organic way.

Colombia La Palma & El Tucan Java Anaerobic Natural

100 公克
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