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Tasting Note: Tangerine, Green Grape, Grape Juice


Roasting Level : ●●○○○

Acidity                 : ●●○○○

Sweetness.        : ●●●●○

Body                     :●●●○○


Summer Solstice is our latest release from Daterra's 'Collection' range of coffees, which are comprised of the very top lots grown on the farm. They talk a lot about on quality, traceability and sustainability - and this coffee delivers with distinction on all three. In terms of sustainability, Daterra has possibly more accolades than any other farm on the planet, including being the first farm in the world to achieve Level A certification from Rainforest Alliance, and its recent B-Corp certification. When it comes to traceability, there are few farms where you can trace the coffee to the specific plot on the farm on which it was grown. In the case of this coffee. The availability of information such as this is crucial to fostering trust in the supply chain, and is indicative of the attention to detail that is increasingly required by conscious consumers, and implemented by caring producers to ensure sustainable production.


Origin : Cerrado,

Brazil Producer : Daterra

Altitude : 1150 MASL

BRAZIL, Datarra Summer Solstice, Paraiso | Natural

100 公克
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